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The building that houses the Zecchi store, as shown by the fresco on its façade, is part of the historic seat of the ancient Studio Fiorentino, the first University of Florence (dated 1348) that gave the street its current name. The paint store - located in this street for centuries - has always been an important reference point for Florentine artisans and painters. Firm Zecchi - which took over the business in the fifties - on the base of the fourteenth-century Cennino Cennini's treatise Il Libro Dell'Arte, has succeeded in finding, reviving or reproducing all the colours and materials used by pre-Renaissance and Renaissance painters. The major Florentine works of art - but also some of the most important international art masterpieces - have been restored with the help of Zecchi's products.

In the heart of Florence, just a few steps from the Duomo, professional and amateur artists from all over the world can find at Zecchi's supplies for their art and a place where a continuous exchange of ideas enables the store's staff to keep pace with the times and satisfy in the best possible way all customers' requirements.

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    On the occasion of New Year 2024 we offer "VAN DYCK" FERRARIO 60 ML. OIL COLOUR TUBES at a 50% DISCOUNT on the label price (sell-out sale). HALF PRICE = 4,10 € We suggest to contact us in advance by PHONE (055 211470) or by E-MAIL (information and contacts at: before buying, in order to check the current availability of the colours.

    Available Colours and Colour Chart
  • 140ML ZECCHI

    We have recently noticed with pleasure that many of our artist customers, who paint in oils, have been preferring to buy ZECCHI “FIRENZE 1915” Oil Colours in 140ml LARGE-SIZE TUBES rather than in 35ml standard-size tubes. This is very positive in terms of practicality and affordability for all the oil painters, since the 140ml large-size tubes allow to build up BIG SUPPLIES of Artist’s EXTRA FINE Oil Colours at a comparatively CHEAPER PRICE than the smaller tubes. Some examples: • 140 ml. Cadmium Yellows (PY35) and Cadmium Orange (PO20) = 39,50 € each • 140 ml. Vermilion Light and Cadmium Red Brilliant (PR108) = 39,50 € each • 140 ml. Cobalt Blues (PB28) and Cerulean (PB28+PB29+PB15:3+PW4) = 46,00 € each.

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  • Set of 6 steel painting knives of different shapes

    "PLUS" STEEL PAINTING KNIVES SET, suitable for painting and pigment mixing: 6 different shapes.

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